Anti-nuclear campaigners have expressed alarm at the possibility of three new stations at Bradwell.

The Blackwater Against New Nuclear Group (BANNG) spoke out after Spanish energy company Iberdrola announced that a site had been proposed to them for the development of new nuclear reactors.

BANNG believes that the land may be that around Bradwell – across the water from West Mersea.

And members are further concerned due to a previous statement from Iberdrola which suggested that the Bradwell land is sufficient for at least two or three nuclear power generating units.

BANNG chairman Professor Andrew Blowers said: “Even one station would be a disaster for the estuary and pose great risks for centuries to come.

“Any more would be devastating, threatening safety, security and the environment.”

The group also has doubts that the river Blackwater would be able to supply enough cooling water for one station without damaging the marine environment and compromising the fishing and oyster industries.

Prof Blowers added: “Three big stations with a series of cooling towers would transform the Blackwater estuary from a peaceful haven to a massive industrial complex which would also incorporate the hulk from the old station.

“This is folly of the highest order.

“It is totally irresponsible to devastate a unique environment and put future generations at risk.

“It must be hoped that Iberdrola and its confederates will appreciate this is not the place to build their monstrous plant.

“They may be assured that BANNG will fight them all the way.”