Two unexplained objects have been spotted in the skies over north Essex.

As Lorraine Davis and her partner Terry Moore got ready to see in the new year, they witnessed a number of unusual lights in the sky above their home in Newcastle Avenue, Colchester.

Miss Davis, mum to six-month-old Sophie, said: "It was about 11.50pm and we were in our kitchen when we saw a light in the sky. We went out on to the patio and saw two bright yellow lights, some distance apart.

"Then another one came out and then a fourth but as that came the first one disappeared. Then there was a fifth one and then three came out all at once and they formed a sort of triangle shape.

"They all joined up and then there was one bright orangey light."

The couple, who said the lights then just disappeared within seconds of it turning midnight, managed to grab a camcorder and snatch some footage of the UFOs which they have shown to family.

And on New Year's Day, John and Maureen Smith, of East Street, Colchester, said they spotted a large orange-red object in the sky above Jaywick which disappeared into thin air.

The couple had been walking their two dogs on Jaywick beach at dusk when they saw the lights in the sky.

Mr Smith, 68, said: "It was very low and circular, probably about ten times the size of what you would imagine a plane light to be, and it was a very strange colour, reddish orange.

"We did not hear a noise, so we do not think it was an aircraft."

The pair said they would be interested to hear if anyone had also spotted the light or knew what it was.