A MINISTRY of Defence laptop was stolen from a car in Colchester.

Thieves smashed a window in a black Mitsubishi car, parked outside the married quarters at the barracks in Aisne Road.

A laptop computer, owned by the Ministry of Defence (MOD), an army jacket and some personal items were stolen.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Defence Police confirmed that one of their computers had been stolen, but insisted it was not as serious as it may appear.

He said: “The laptop computer was not encrypted, but was only used for unclassified information. It did not contain any sensitive or personal data.

“Inquiries are ongoing into the theft. Security of MOD property is kept under constant review. Any findings we make in relation to security will be passed back to the MOD.”

It is not the first time Colchester has been at the centre of a stolen laptop scandal.

On June 18 a laptop was stolen from a car belonging to a senior manager within Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust. The vehicle was broken into in Scotland.

The theft only emerged after thousands of patients in north Essex received letters warning them that their details had been on the computer.

Anyone with any information about the latest theft, which happened some time between 6pm on Monday and 6.30am yesterday is asked to contact the Ministry of Defence Police on 01371 854444, quoting incident number 25 of October 28.