A newly-planned medical centre is being put in the wrong place, according to local councillors.

Earlier this year, North East Essex NHS Primary Care Trust (PCT) announced it was going to create a new GP-led medical centre in the primary care centre in Turner Road, Colchester, as part of a Government scheme to improve access to doctors.

But research by marketing company CACI suggests many PCTs may be building the centres in the wrong places.

Mile End councillor Martin Goss said he believed there were better sites for the centre.

He said: “The hospital already provides A&E facilities, and there are various doctors’ surgeries in the ward as well.

“Getting to Mile End is a nightmare because bus services aren’t adequate and I think it will cause congestion on an already busy road.”

transport Mr Goss added: “It would have been better to put it near the new stadium because that is away from residential areas and there will be better transport links once the new A12 junction is built.”

But PCT chief executive Paul Zollinger-Read said he stood by the decision to put the centre in Turner Road.

He said: “This is the right area, partly because there is significant housing planned and there will be an increase of need for the service.

“It will bring together the walk-in centre with a GP centre and bringing in diagnostics, so everything can be done under one roof.”

He explained that the PCT had chosen the site in Colchester because they were already investing heavily in GP surgeries in Tendring.