AN external evaluation of laptop computer security will take place at Colchester General Hospital.

It was sparked by the theft of a hospital computer from the car of a senior manager while it was in a car park in Scotland.

On Monday, the Gazette revealed the man was sacked after an internal investigation found he had breached security guidelines.

Peter Murphy, chief executive of Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust, said it was currently making a shortlist of companies which could carry out the work.

He said: “Depending on how quickly they can mobilise, it could be two or three weeks before the work is carried out.

“They will be able to give us assurances that the things we have put in place are the right things.”

Work has already been carried out to close gaps in the Trust’s security.


TRUST chief executive Peter Murphy described the loss of the laptop – and the patients’ data – as a “disappointment”.

He said: “We had gone through a rigorous process to assure ourselves that our data was secure.

“It was a bit frustrating and I feel that person has been a double victim – the victim of a theft and then losing their job because they didn’t follow what were reasonable standards.”

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