ANIMAL rights protesters descended on a circus to protest against its use of animals.

More than 30 protesters demonstrated outside the Great British Circus site in West Road, Clacton, yesterday.

Jane Williams, of Kirby Cross, who organised the protest, claims the use of animals in circus acts is cruel and is calling on the circus to stop using them.

The circus, which bills itself as Britain’s biggest animal circus, includes lions, tigers, camels, zebra, llama, reindeer, horses and dogs.

“We want to demonstrate against the Great British Circus using animal acts,” she said.

“In this day and age it is absolutely appalling to see this cruelty, especially for those animals, particularly the lions and tigers, which travel in what we call beast wagons.

“When they are travelling they are in cages approximately 2 metres by 2½ metres and as far as I’m concerned this is imprisoning these beautiful creatures.”

Jeff Link, director of communications for the Great British Circus, said:“There is no cruelty at the Great British Circus.”

The circus is in town until August 10.