QUESTION TIME will be holding its first post-election show at Colchester’s Charter Hall this week.

Question Time, the BBC’s flagship political debate show, will be at Charter Hall on Thursday July 11 as the first show after Labour won the General Election and as the last show of the current season.

The last time Question Time was in Colchester was in 2017 and the episode was dramatically cut short by twenty minutes when a woman collapsed ambulance after suffering an asthma attack.

Council leader David King said: "It is great to see the BBC coming again to our city.  

"It is a welcome recognition of our City status. As a place of consequence. With a rich diversity, of history and culture, of people and politics. All attractive to broadcasters."

Host - Question Time host Fiona Bruce was last in Colchester for the Antiques Roadshow in JuneHost - Question Time host Fiona Bruce was last in Colchester for the Antiques Roadshow in June (Image: BBC/Richard Lewisohn)

While Councillor Mark Goacher from the Green Party said: “It’s good that it is coming to Colchester and I hope they get a politically representative  audience from across the entire the spectrum.

“I hope the panel get some good searching questions, in the Colchester General Election Hustings there were not any questions on the climate argument which was surprising due to the importance of the issue so it is important we get some questions talk."

Mark GoacherMark Goacher (Image: Newsquest)

Mr Goacher also said with the media coverage of Labour’s building plans that a question on the Wick was needed and said that the Greens should “hopefully be represented on the panel”.

He added: “In Colchester we have had the highest percentage of the green vote ever, second highest for numerical votes, but the highest percentage despite all the tactical voting that would inevitably happen”.

Labour Councillor Tim Young said: "I am delighted they are coming back, it is great to get some TV coverage for the city.

"As for questions there are some obvious ones about what the Labour government has inherited from the Conservative with housing being an obvious one as we are one of the fastest growing places in the eastern region."

Mr Young said the BBC does get the representation right, and added: "I hope they have a balanced panel and I look forward to watching it."

While Martin Goss, the Liberal Democrat candidate for the 2024 General Election said: "It’s good to see Question Time coming to Colchester".

"With the Lib Dems having 72 MP’s returning us to being the third largest party it will mean far more representation going forwards on Question Time."

Representatives from other Colchester political parties were contacted for comment. 

To apply please use this link on the Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday before the programme, where you will have to submit two questions which could be asked.