A VIDEO has shown the moment a cat was snatched right from his favourite 'hangout spot in the dead of night. 

Padstow the cat, 18, has lived in Wivenhoe all his life with his owners Naomi and Christian Winter in Old Ferry Road. 

Known as a sociable local celebrity, residents of the town are often seen talking to him, stroking him or giving him treats. 

Stolen - Padstow the catStolen - Padstow the cat (Image: Liz Delaney)

But Padstow was taken from the front of Liz Delaney's house, a popular hangout for the cat, on Tuesday morning at 1.30am. 

A distressed Liz said: "It has been an awful night, our cat has been ripped right out of his bed overnight. 

"We are trying to get as much information as possible, I've spoken to the police but they don't seem interested at all. 

The moment the cat was taken is captured on cameraThe moment the cat was taken is captured on camera (Image: Public)

"We have searched high and low but we want to get as much information as possible to find out what has happened to him."

The video shows a person dressed fully in black snatching Padstow from the front garden and picking him up by his back. 

Liz said: "It really is awful the whole thing is very evil. It is just horrible. 

"Padstow lives with our neighbours but he likes to hang out in the front of our house on West Key.

"We just really want to try and get him back or try and find out what happened to him."

Popular - Padstow outsidePopular - Padstow outside (Image: Liz Delaney)

A search party has been arranged to leave at 6pm today from the West Key Dry Dock area to look for Padstow.

Vanessa Potter, Liz's partner, said: "Padstow seems really unhappy and has not come back.

"Please look out for him - and if you see him let us know as soon as possible he is going to be terribly upset - and is old and fragile."