GRAFFITI is becoming a growing problem around Colchester.

The Colchester Civic Society has been monitoring the issue and says there is a high level of vandalism across the city.

Walls, bridges and even listed buildings have been “tagged”.

The Civic Society has called for the vandals to be stopped.

Chair Jo Edwards said: "There seems to have been a recent very unwelcome spate of graffiti 'tagging' across the city.

Vandals - Graffiti is present all across ColchesterVandals - Graffiti is present all across Colchester (Image: Colchester Civic Society)

"It's always been an issue, but we've found ourselves reporting much, much more than usual to the city council.

"As soon as it's removed it seems to come back."

'We can't fault the council's neighbourhood teams  who do a fantastic and often under-appreciated job trying to keep on top of it.

"They have a quick and easy online reporting tool - you get an immediate acknowledgement and regular progress reports including confirmation once the graffiti has been cleared, but that's not really the point.

"Many of the 'tags' seem to be done by the same few taggers.

"We're not talking here about the odd one or two bits of 'street art'. We're talking about widespread, determined and repetitive vandalism, and the vandals need to be stopped"

Influx - More graffiti present in ColchesterProblem - More graffiti is appearing in Colchester (Image: Colchester Civic Society)

A spokesman for Colchester Council said: “Tackling graffiti is an ongoing effort for our neighbourhood teams.

"Our dedicated wardens and operatives work tirelessly to keep our city clear of this unsightly vandalism.

"Graffiti is often removed swiftly, sometimes even before the public is aware of its presence, thanks to the vigilance of our teams.

“However, there are instances of co-ordinated graffiti attacks that can present a significant challenge. During these times, our teams work tirelessly to ensure that all graffiti is removed as swiftly as possible.

“Our efforts are supported by daily patrols and mobile CCTV deployed in hotspots, and we work closely with the CCTV control room to monitor and address antisocial behaviour.

"We also greatly appreciate the role of our residents and organisations like the Civic Society, whose reports are invaluable in our fight against graffiti.

"Their support helps us ensure that Colchester remains a beautiful and inviting place for everyone."

Residents and visitors are encouraged to report graffiti directly to the council at