Former Dead Can Dance drummer Peter Ulrich is set to share his story at Colchester Arts Centre in July.

The seasoned percussionist's Author Talk will delve into his highly-acclaimed memoir, Drumming with Dead Can Dance and Parallel Adventures, on Saturday, July 20.

Ulrich was a central figure in the post-punk heyday of the 1980s.

Joining Dead Can Dance shortly before the band secured a deal with the illustrious 4AD label, he hails from a time rich in musical exploration and collaboration.

The venture saw him tour extensively across Europe and America, engaging with various musical styles from classical to early and world genres.

The musician also collaborated with 4AD's This Mortal Coil project and worked with other significant 4AD acts.

These include Wolfgang Press, Xymox's Pieter Nooten and notably Modern English, a band considered a gem of Colchester's music scene.

Ulrich's memoir goes beyond his adventures with Dead Can Dance, offering an enthralling journey through his career after the band.

This Parallel Adventure highlights the band's progression, including singer Lisa Gerrard's acclaimed contribution to the Gladiator soundtrack, as well as Ulrich's solo pursuits and collaborative works.

Some of his noted projects include two solo albums, three albums with the Peter Ulrich Collaboration, and contributions to recordings by Tenzin and Piano Magic.

The Author Talk is on July 20 at 11.30am, with doors opening at 11am.

Ulrich will not only share moments from his memoir but will also welcome questions from the audience.

Fans can also look forward to personally meeting Ulrich and having their books or albums signed.

Admission is £5 and all proceeds will help support Colchester Arts Centre.

Tickets are available online at