A TEENAGER who collapsed and suffered two seizures during a terrifying incident in an Essex Popworld nightclub fears she was “injected with a date rape drug”.

Maddy McCormack, 18, was celebrating her brother’s birthday in the Southend club when she was rushed to hospital in the early hours of Sunday morning. 

According to the youngster’s family, she had only consumed three drinks and was using a spiking prevention cover provided by the club on her glass. 

Shock - Fears Maddy McCormack was spiked in SouthendShock - Fears Maddy McCormack was spiked in Southend (Image: Newsquest)

After being rushed to hospital Maddy was told she had been spiked by a “date rape drug” and a small puncture wound, where they believe she was injected, was found on her thigh. 

Her sister, Taylor McCormack, 22, said: “It started off as a normal celebration, we were all out as a family and our friends were there too.

“We were all enjoying ourselves and Maddy was mingling with people as was I and the people we was with.

“Maddy got into Popworld at around 11:37pm, and we met her just after midnight there, and she was fine, dancing, singing, and talking.

Family - Maddy McCormack with her sister Taylor McCormackFamily - Maddy McCormack with her sister Taylor McCormack (Image: Newsquest)

“I left around 2:30am, arrived home just after 3am and got into bed. I then received a phone call of my brother at 3:55am telling me that Maddy has fainted.

“I jumped out of bed, woke up my mum, and we went straight to Popworld.”

As they arrived, Maddy was out of it, “shaking uncontrollably, and slurring her speech”. 

Taylor added: “Maddy had only consumed three drinks this night.

“I was sobbing as was my mum and brother as seeing her like that was just horrible.

“The ambulance arrived and she was taken to Southend Hospital. They confirmed she was spiked with a date rape drug.

“A small puncture wound was found on her outer thigh with a rash round it.

“The whole thing was horrible, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. It was very traumatic. When you go out you don’t expect to be getting a phone call at to say your younger sister has been spiked.”

In response to the spiking claims, Stonegate, who operate Popworld Southend, say they, “take the safety and security of guests very seriously”.

The venue has a number of measures in place to best protect guests as much as possible “ensuring they have a good night out”.

A spokesman said: "We take the safety and security of our guests very seriously and we have a number of measures in place to best protect our guests as much as we can in ensuring they have a good night out.

"This includes enhanced searches on our door by our fully trained SIA door team; Ask for Angela; first response team and a dedicated medic on duty, who was on hand immediately before an ambulance was called.

"We also provide drink testing strips, drink covers and bottle toppers. The venue is fully covered by 24hr CCTV.  We do ask guests to always remain vigilant and report any suspicious or unusual behaviour as we all work together in providing a safe environment. We have been in contact with the guest and wish her a full and speedy recovery."