A BAND is set to play at the UK's biggest metal festival after winning a music competition staged by a Colchester venue.

Music venue Coda in the city centre held the finals of its huge  Metal to the Masses competition.

Four bands battled it out during the hours-long final, with the winners securing a spot at Bloodstock festival's New Stage.

The winner was Reverent Son, who threw inflatable sharks into the crowd during their set and performed some great original songs.

Other finalists include BlackWater Kings, Fallen Relic and Within Reach.

Birthed in 2020, Reverent Son blends the late 70's hard rock with the more modern and progressive music of today.

The band's influences include Mastodon, Megadeth, Black Sabbath, Devin Townsend and Thin Lizzy. 

Winners - the Reverent Son line up Winners - the Reverent Son lineup (Image: Reverent Son)

The band said: "We have had such a great time during the whole Metal to the Masses competition.

"It's going to be quite an experience getting to play at such a well-known established festival.

"There is a great chance to meet other great bands, fans and promoters as well give us a chance to test our mettle on a bigger professionally driven stage.

"We're also aware that all of Essex this year is relying on us to fly the flag for our county, next year's band will have the same responsibility, it's an honoured tradition for bands from their respective county to lead by example. 

"We hope Bloodstock has a lifeguard on duty because there will be plenty of sharks in the crowd."