A COLCHESTER driver who was hit with a fine after he parked in loading bay in Crouch Street has vowed to fight his case after claiming the road was not clearly marked. 

Simon Collyer, 68, received a PCN ticket through the post after parking in Crouch Street in February. 

Mr Collyer says a lack of signs and the darkness of the night meant it was unclear to motorists the bay he used was out of bounds. 

The Highway Code says loading areas are indicated by a white bay marking with the words ‘Loading Only’ and a sign with the white on blue ‘trolley’ symbol. 

But Mr Collyer says the space in Crouch Street does not have the words painted and has vowed to challenge the fine at appeal. 

He says his PCN notice said he was also parked over double yellow lines, which he disputes.   

Parking - a car about to park the same way Simon didParking - a car about to park the same way Simon did (Image: Simon Collyer)

He said: "The loading bay should have the words 'Loading Only' written on the road, according to the Highway Code.

"Double curb markings indicate that a loading ban applies at all times. That is a ban not simply a restriction which is what the PCN refers to."

 Anger - Simon Collyer pointing at the spot where he got his ticketAnger - Simon Collyer pointing at the spot where he got his ticket (Image: Ronald Cole)

Mr Collyer added: "A lack of signage on the road, a darkly lit street, and a road layout that failed to terminate the row of echelon parking were all contributory factors."

Mr Collyer maintains he is not going to pay the fine and is prepared to go into battle with the NEPP. 

A spokesman for the North Essex Parking Partnership said: “If a motorist believes they have been issued a penalty charge notice incorrectly, they can challenge it by submitting an appeal along with all available evidence to us.

"We will then review the details of the case and inform the motorist of the outcome.

"Details of how to appeal can be found on the notice and the quickest and easiest way to submit an appeal is through our website at https://north.parkingpartnership.org.”