Colchester residents are being invited to participate in a number of workshops to shape the future of several upcoming projects, including a virtual reality tourism experience.

Colchester Council is hosting six Residents’ Panel Workshops, which also include plans for the restoration of the Holy Trinity Church and the renovation of the Castle Park play area.

More than 320 residents have already joined the panel, partaking in consultations and research to help form future developments.

Colchester council's economic growth boss Alison Jay said: "The Residents’ Panel gives a voice to members of our community of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds to contribute from their perspectives and ideas to help build an inclusive and vibrant city for generations to come."

In July, residents can give their take on plans for a virtual reality tourism experience, helping reshape Colchester’s history in an immersive experience.

Another workshop in July focuses on the visionary plans for the iconic Jumbo Water Tower, done in partnership with North Essex Heritage.

The council welcomes Colchester residents aged 18 and over to join the panel, emphasising that prior knowledge or expertise is not necessary.

More information can be found on  or via emailing