AN exciting second urban art event which aims to inspire and empower young artists is set to have a big-name rapper attend the event.

Owen Louis, 49, is a talented producer and musician who writes songs under the moniker Project Lando.

He has teamed-up with the Minories and Gassed Clothing to offer the second Art of the Roadz event.

The series of events kicked off with its debut in April, and part two will take place on August 25, featuring popular rapper Big Narstie.

The idea behind it is to encourage young people with talent and develop their skills, while those in the industry provide inspiration.

Venue - The MinoriesVenue - The Minories

Popular - Big Narstie at he UK gala screening of Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire at the Ham Yard Hotel, London, March 21, 2024Popular - Big Narstie at the UK gala screening of Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire at the Ham Yard Hotel, London, in March (Image: Aaron Chown/PA Wire)

For Owen, the event is a way to help youngsfers cut their teeth and celebrate an art style which is possibly underrepresented in the city.

He said: “I learned to DJ and got into music through a youth club connected to my school.

"I used to live in a rough part of London, but it helped me take a different path.

“If we can do that for young people, send them down a different path, then job done.

“If you want to cut your teeth, the spaces are few and far between. We’ve got a few projects which can lead to you performing at a bigger event later in the year.

Information - The poster for the upcoming eventInformation - The poster for the upcoming event (Image: Public)

“It’s a really hard industry. I’ve been at it for years.”

The idea for the event came after Owen bumped into pal Sir Gassed, who owns Gassed Clothing.

He put Owen in touch with Minories director Emma Howe in Colchester.

Sir Gassed went to school with Big Narstie, who agreed to make a special guest appearance.

Passionate - Owen Louis AKA Project LandoPassionate - Owen Louis AKA Project Lando (Image: Public)

Location - The MinoriesLocation - The Minories

Owen is urging music fans to go to Art of the Roadz Part Two.

He said: “There is such a wide variety of acts. There is a lot for people to be inspired by and maybe they will go home and try something new.

“If they have that creative energy, it may spark something for them.

“It’s a really good fun night, with lots of positive energy. Everyone will leave with a smile.

“What we’re trying to do is build a new community of like-minded urban art style creatives based around the Minories.”

Tickets cost £5 in advance by contacting or by visiting the Minories.