A RELEASED prisoner says he deserves a second chance after being left homeless when he was released from jail early.

Vimal Jadeja, from Colchester, was let out under the 60-day early release scheme last month.

Mr Jadeja, 33, is described as a prolific offender with numerous convictions, including serving 20 months in prison for biting the ear of taxi driver.

Mr Jadeja said he was now “running around to survive” and that the last time he was in prison a major factor was because he had “no stable address”.

His teenage daughters live in Cambridge, but Mr Jadeja said being "forced" to move to Cambridge, which is a substantial distance, with no money, and no adult relatives "made no sense". 

The contrite dad said: “I have done my time - I have paid my dues.

“I am not a liar, I am probably more honest than I should be.

“Two wrongs don’t make a right.

“With a little bit of stability, I promise you I will run with it and make the right choices, “They have denied me that chance before I get a chance”

Jo Easton, director of policy and joint interim chief executive of Unlock, a charity which aims to improve the lives of people with criminal records, said: “Ensuring that people being released from prison have somewhere safe and stable to live is absolutely key.

“Without this, it can be even more challenging for people to turn their lives around.

“People with criminal records already face numerous barriers in respect of things like getting a job or into training, and without somewhere to live, it only becomes more difficult.”

A spokesman for Colchester Borough Homes said: “We are committed to supporting those experiencing or at risk of homelessness, regardless of their background.

“However, we are required to establish that all applicants meet the criteria for assistance before we can consider them.

“This means that we need to have reason to believe that they are homeless and that they are eligible for assistance.

“We never turn someone away empty-handed. If someone does not meet our criteria, we connect them with appropriate agencies that can help.”

The spokesman also said that “navigating homelessness can be stressful” and they hope the “individual in question” is able to find the support they need for secure housing.

The Ministry of Justice was contacted for comment.