A CIDER and cheese festival lit up the faces of visitors in a Colchester pub.

The Victoria Inn, in North Station Road, put on its first-ever cider and cheese festival, much to the delight of both new and returning customers. 

The festival which was staged on Friday and Saturday, saw a total of 20 different and alternative cider brands available for purchase alongside various locally-sourced cheeses. 

Richard Taylor, owner of the Victoria Inn, said: "We normally have about eight ciders on all year round anyway. 

"Cider is not the most fashionable drink but there are a lot of people out there who like it and we find it always nice to give people a bit more choice.

"It is a really good summer drink so we thought we would kick summer off with the cider and cheese festival.

"All the cheese is from the Church Street Deli, which is being kept in the fridge at the moment as it is quite hot."

Part of the festival matches the unique taste of each cider with an accompanying cheese, acting as a delectable pair.

He continued: "Some of the cheeses have been paired with the ciders. I gave the guys at the deli the cider list and they have worked to match the cheese to the ciders.

"The list has quite a few options."

Customers have enjoyed the vast array of ciders and let in on a pub regular secret. 

Chris McColl, a regular at the pub, said: "I've been really enjoying the festival today.

"With drinks, as they change so much here, Richard knows which drinks you will like, so as he knows what drinks I normally like he can suggest ciders I will love."