A WOMAN who tried to avoid paying her cab fare before attempting to rob the driver has been jailed.

Vicki Millard was sentenced at Ipswich Crown Court after she changed her plea to guilty while her trial was being prepared.

The victim of the robbery, who wishes to remain anonymous, told the Gazette shortly after the incident last year he was called to the Greenstead area to pick up a male and female passenger on Saturday, June 3, at about 11.25pm.

He claims they got into the back of the car and he started driving them to Asda before Millard changed her mind, telling him she wanted to go to Roman Road. 

Guilty – Vicki Millard changed her plea to guilty during a mention hearing at Ipswich Crown CourtGuilty – Vicki Millard changed her plea to guilty during a mention hearing at Ipswich Crown Court (Image: Newsquest)

He agreed to continue the journey and as he turned towards the destination asked how they were going to pay for the £11.50 fare.  

The taxi driver said: “As the car slowed down, I noticed the woman was trying the door to get out, but the child locks were activated.

“As she was unable to exit, both of them then fought to get through the front seat gap to escape.

“She opened the front door. I reached out to push her out while the man in the back had hold of my jacket and was throwing punches to my head.

“I managed to break free and get out of the car.

“As the male got out, he was attacking me, and shouting 'give me your money'.

"I could see the woman then leaning into the passenger side taking money from my centre console.

Arrested – Vicki Millard was surrounded by police officers who arrested her in DecemberArrested – Vicki Millard was surrounded by police officers who arrested her in December (Image: Public)

He added: “I am still very nervous. This is such a dangerous job, picking people up in the early hours. Some people are unpredictable.

“I was hit several times to the back of the head which left me dazed.

“I was shaking uncontrollably.”

Millard, 37, of Jessel Road, Loughton, was arrested in Lion Walk shopping centre last December and later charged with five counts of theft from shops including Marks and Spencer, Asda and River Island.

She was sentenced to a community order while the proceedings for the robbery trial were ongoing.

Millard has now been jailed for 15 months for robbery and making off without payment.

Victim 'very pleased' to see robber sentenced

A TAXI driver who was robbed by a convicted criminal has said he is “very, very pleased” to see her jailed.

Vicki Millard appeared at Ipswich Crown Court where she was sentenced to 15 months in prison for robbing her victim and attempting to make off without payment on Saturday, June 3 of last year.

The defendant denied the offence but later appeared before Colchester Magistrates’ Court charged with theft after she stole from several stores in December.

Millard, 37, of Jessell Drive in Loughton, later admitted charges of robbery and making off without payment for the incident last June.

The driver, who did not want to be named, said: “I still am shaken – it is still affecting me, even today.

“I am still very nervous about having people in the back of the car.

“But I am very, very pleased she has jailed – that’s excellent news, it really is.

“I am very nervous about the job – I have been considering giving it up after what happened because during the day you are stuck in traffic, and the nighttime is the only time you can get any work.

“But at night, but there’s another element that you have to deal with as well.

“A lot of drug dealers out there who use taxis as well – that’s scary.”

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