COLCHESTER motorists say they are sick and tired of "idiot" drivers using a roundabout incorrectly and unsafely. 

Maldon Road Roundabout connects traffic to and from Balkerne Hill, Southway and the A134, as well as one-way-only down Maldon Road.

Many motorists have claimed poor signage is an issue on the roundabout.

Andy Mehen said: "That roundabout is perfectly simple, but made complicated and dangerous by people not using it properly.

"Where people have got the idea that you can turn right to go down Balkerne Hill from the middle lane baffles me. The whole thing needs clear signs and road markings."

Adam Fitton said: "It needs clear signage and lanes, so it’s not left up to driver interpretation."

But another resident said the roundabout signage is fine and claimed it is the drivers who stay in the wrong lane when going to Balkerne Hill who are the problem. 

Damien Lomas said: "It's the idiots that make a third or fourth exit in the left lane that need to surrender their licence.

"If you need to exit down Balkerne Hill and you have come from anywhere but Lexden Road... use the right-hand land and stay in it!"

Kevin Raby blamed "bully" motorists.

"Wrong lane or correct lane, bully drivers refuse to allow them to change to exit," he said.

"Lane discipline is a nightmare even where roundabouts have lane markings, like Waitrose roundabout. People cut across - there's just a generally poor standard of driving now. Mini roundabouts are seen as a suspension tester to go over."

Gazette: Trio - where the lanes change from two to three, coming up from Balkerne Hill Trio - where the lanes change from two to three, coming up from Balkerne Hill (Image: Google)

Another problem highlighted by drivers is the road joining on to the roundabout from Balkerne Hill, with the jump from two to three lanes being a problem. 

Steve Parker said: "Coming up the hill is a problem when it goes to three lanes and cars in both lanes need the middle lane to go up Maldon Road.

"The left lane is blocked up with people turning left so a lot wanting Maldon Road find themselves in the right-hand lane of the two then three."

However, a lot of drivers have had no problems with the roundabout at all and said any issues, if any, were down to bad driving. 

Adrian Day said: "I've never had a problem since it was built. I've found that using my indicators, using the correct lane and being aware of other drivers helps considerably."

Chris Davis agreed and said: "The roundabout and signage are fine. It’s just bad driving."