THE faceless singer behind many hit club tracks of the 90s is set to return with a world tour.

Although you may not recognise her face, you have most likely danced along to one of her club hits.

Colette Van Sertima, from Tiptree, is the voice behind Sister Bliss and OT Quartet.

She began her career after joining forces with Rollo Armstrong and Rob Dougan as OT Quartet in 1994.

They peaked at number 24 with Hold That Sucker Down in the UK National Charts in April 1994.

The success of the single led to club and festival appearances where Colette was joined on stage by her unforgettable drag queen dancers Darcy and Venus Mantrap.

A further collaboration followed with Sister Bliss and the song Can’t Get a Man, Can’t Get a Job (Life’s a Bitch) was released in 1994 and became a huge gay anthem.

She then got a contract with BMG Records, Simon Cowell’s label, but lost the deal after not being able to find the right producer to work with.

Colette then moved from club beats to more personal and acoustic country songs.

She said: “The stuff is about my personal experience and life and what people experience, so it’s not just about me but are moments others can recognise in their own lives.

“I had an album’s worth of songs and I sadly lost the deal, but I was allowed to take the album with me as they wanted me to succeed.”

One of her songs, Open Arms, was even covered as a single by the legendary Tina Turner and features on her Best Hits album as well as Tina the Musical.

After almost a 25-year hiatus from performing, Colette came back to the stage with a band at a performance at Club Lafayette in Kings Cross, London, for an LGBTQ+ club night in March this year.

She said: “It was a musical comeback, and it was an amazing moment, another one in my life, and the nerves were all there and it was mad.

"It was a really good night.

“I am aiming to go back to studio and hopefully get some more songs.”

Colette now plans to take her dance anthems on a tour around the world, with dates to be announced this year.