A COLCHESTER fitness instructor has realised her dreams of opening a wellness and fitness centre in Spain after receiving help from a well-known TV show.

Lucy Reid, 39, owned a studio in Brightlingsea until two years ago and has always wanted to launch a fitness retreat.

Lucy said the pandemic gave her a chance to put “everything else on the backburner” and do some proper research.

“I have always loved Spain, and I was in Spain quite a bit when I was younger," she said.

“As soon as restrictions lifted, I flew out to find properties but couldn’t find anything.”

Gazette: Sun - Lucy Reid enjoying Spain Sun - Lucy Reid enjoying Spain (Image: Submitted)

Lucy then decided to go to the yearly ‘A Place in the Sun’ event in London where there were numerous European estate agents, mortgage advisors, and solicitors to help people find their properties.

The event also included screening people who encourage people to go on camera to tell their story.

Lucy thought as there were thousands of people who attend the events, including as well in Manchester and Birmingham, she would not be successful.

However, only five days later Lucy got the call from producers and two weeks later was in Spain looking at properties.

Gazette: Company - Lucy Reid (centre) with friend Dave and presenter Jean JohanssonCompany - Lucy Reid (centre) with friend Dave and presenter Jean Johansson (Image: Submitted)

Lucy praised the producers for doing “12-hour days” hunting for the right establishment for her which would be big enough for a wellness and fitness retreat as well as “Spanish in style both inside and out”.

Lucy added: “I don’t even like photos of me, so that was a scary prospect.

“You don’t get to see the show before it goes out, I have no idea of what it looks like, which terrifies me.

“But the whole experience was amazing from beginning to end, they care about you and what you are looking for, they want to get as much information as possible, and their contacts are amazing.”

Gazette: Retreat - Lucy Reid on one of her local retreats with her company Fresh Fit EscapesRetreat - Lucy Reid on one of her local retreats with her company Fresh Fit Escapes (Image: Submitted)

Lucy also said the show was very much “what you see is what you get” with her eyes being covered before she saw any properties, so her genuine reaction was caught on camera.

Find out more about Lucy's retreats which will be in both Colchester and Spain at freshfitescapes.com.

Lucy's episode will air on Channel 4 on June 14 at 3pm.