THERE are plenty of fabulous beauty spots in Colchester and its surrounding areas and, with spring in full swing, now seems as good a time as any to explore them.

Here are some of the best locations where you can enjoy a spring walk.

Gazette: The great outdoors - Will you be going on an autumnal walk?The great outdoors - Will you be going on an autumnal walk? (Image: Pixabay)

Lexden Park 

Gazette: Great - The entrance to Lexden ParkGreat - The entrance to Lexden Park (Image: Google Maps)

Situated in Church Lane, Colchester, Lexden Park is a nature reserve with parking.

It is open 24 hours a day and seven days a week, so you can visit it anytime you please.

Lexden Park has plenty of footpaths for you to stroll around and if you need a break, you can take a seat at one of its many benches darted round the field.

There’s also a lake which is home to ducks, so make sure you stop by and say hello to them.

Hillhouse Wood

Gazette: Hillhouse Wood - It's worth the visitHillhouse Wood - It's worth the visit (Image: The Woodland Trust)

The woodlands are not far from the quaint rural village of West Bergholt, it’s just a short ten minute walk once you are parked up in the village.

After following the public footpath sign from Cook’s Hall Road, you’ll soon be greeted with 33.51 acres of public land to walk around.

You’ll be greeted by an array of gorgeous flowers and broadleaved woodland, there are also two ponds and a bench to rest at.

Bluebottle Grove Dyke

If you’re looking for more woodland to wander around and you want a direct walking route to the city centre, then Bluebottle Grove Dyke, In Magazine Farm Way, may be an option for you.

It’s an English Heritage site that was part of a complex of banks and ditches that protected the Trinovantes, a celtic tribe during Britain’s iron age.

If you’re heading through Bluebottle it is only a short 30 minute walk to the city centre.

Castle Park

Gazette: Central - Colchester's Castle Park is a great location if you want to go for a strollCentral - Colchester's Castle Park is a great location if you want to go for a stroll (Image: Colchester Council)

One of the city centre’s best natural attractions is Castle Park, in High Street, Colchester.

Besides it being home to Europe’s largest Norman keep ever built, there are plenty of fields to walk around if you’re looking for something closer to the city centre.

You can easily walk around five kilometres by doing two laps of the park. Afterwards, you can treat yourself to a well deserved drink or treat from many different cafes in close proximity to the park.


After a car journey along The Strood, you will be in Mersea, an Essex island located right next to Colchester.

The island is home to numerous spots for walkers and it's an ideal place to venture around during the autumn season.