THE daughter of a couple murdered in Mersea attacked a police officer after being told she could not attend the opening of the trial as she was a witness.

Chelmsford Magistrates' Court heard Ellena Baxter, 23, attacked officer PC Palmer on what was the first day of the trial into her parents Steven and Carol's deaths.

Baxter, who was a witness in the case, was stopped from attending the start of the trial on February 13.

PC Palmer later attended her address in Hakewill Way, Colchester, to check on her and the court was told the situation "escalated".

Rebecca Debenham prosecuting said Baxter asked not to be cuffed by the officers and was seemingly in distress.

She started to shout and swear at the police officer, who felt the need to put her in cuffs as the situation did not calm down.

Baxter then hit the PC Palmer in the head with her right hand and “in order to protect himself, he grabbed her by the back of her head”.

The two fell to the floor, as Baxter reportedly kept pushing the police worker and “tried to bite him”.

The court was told Baxter tried to wrap her legs around him, preventing him from standing up again.

PC Palmer suffered minor injuries from the assault, as well as pain in his knee, lower back and elbow.

Baxter’s defence lawyer Ian Clift argued the circumstances surrounding the offence were exceptional, as it was the day of the start of the trial.

The court was told she wanted to attend the opening of the case, but was “prevented from entering”, leaving her in a state of emotional distress and upset.

Her defence argued Baxter struggles with mental health issues which led to the altercation.

Mr Clift said: "These are exceptional circumstances. Miss Baxter and her partner were accused of murder themselves

 "As a result, her partner lost his job and the family was left without income.

"Miss Baxter is very remorseful as seen in her guilty plea."

Luke D’Wit was later found guilty of murdering Baxter’s parents and jailed for 37 years.

Magistrates credited Baxter for her guilty plea and for showing remorse for her actions.

But said due to the length of the assault and Baxter's previous convictions for assaulting emergency workers in 2021 she would serve a twelve-month community.

Baxter was also fined £299 which will have to be paid within 28 days.