Chef at Autism Anglia’s Doucecroft School, is running for School Chef of the Year 2024.

Aron Jordan is through to the regional finals of the competition.

The competition looks to show the importance of high-quality cooking in school meals and is open to all kitchen-based staff involved in the daily preparation of pupils’ meals.

The first stage saw Jordan tasked with creating four portions of a main course and dessert with a budget of £6.40.

The next stage of the competition takes place on the 10th June where he will be required to create a main course with one bisto product and dessert with at least one premier foods product (the competitions sponsor).

Aron said: “I entered this competition to challenge my cookery skills and techniques. It will be interesting to see how I compare to the other chefs cooking school meals across the country.”

If he gets past the regional finals, he will be onto the national finals where he can win £1000 prize and claim the LACA School Chef of the Year trophy.

Louise Parkinson, headteacher of Doucecroft School said: “Our school is lucky to have Aron who always creates tasty food, as well as running a cooking club to encourage our pupils to cook.