A HISTORIC Colchester venue will take visitors back in time to enjoy a musical extravaganza based on a much-loved children's film and TV series.

Colchester Castle is set to host its special event, The Thunderbird Years, next month.

The event will be laced with the memorable sounds of the iconic and popular 1960s film and television music, presented by the Abbeygate Concert Band.

The citadel doors will welcome visitors at 6.45pm, allowing them to enjoy the atmosphere, gather a drink from the bar, and wander around the Thunderbirds and Co: The Joy of Puppetry exhibit ahead of the concert commencement at 7.15pm.

The seating arrangement will present guests with an immersive musical experience spread across the castle galleries.

The Abbeygate Concert Band musicians are all set to bring new life to the compositions, promising an evening of enjoyment for everyone.

From the unmistakable theme tunes of cult classics like Thunderbirds and other Gerry and Sylvia Anderson shows, prepare to be swept away on a wave of nostalgia.

Special appearances by Dee Anderson, Lady Penelope, and Parker are also expected.

Cllr David King, leader of Colchester City Council, said: "The council supports arts, culture, and our heritage, and it is great when they can come together in the great setting of the castle museum.

"This concert promises something for everyone – a memorable musical journey back in time."

Colchester Castle has been hosting its Thunderbirds and Co: The Joy of Puppetry exhibit since March 29.

The event is a celebration of the art and legacy of early television puppeteers, including local legend Joy Laurey and the renowned Gerry and Sylvia Anderson.

The exhibition features a diverse collection, from Joy Laurey’s beloved Mr Turnip puppet to your favourite Gerry and Sylvia Anderson Productions characters, including the captivating Lady Penelope.

The Thunderbirds and Co: The Joy of Puppetry exhibit will be at Colchester Castle until June 30.

Tickets for The Thunderbird Years event are available now at £12.75 per person and are available by visiting colchester.cimuseums.org.uk/events/thunderbirds-concert.