A COLCHESTER theatre is set to benefit from a share of £24.2 million.

The Mercury Theatre has been awarded £148,000 from the Government funded Arts Council England’s Capital Investment Programme.

The money will go towards purchasing LED stage lighting and the installation of digital equipment to allow live streaming from both the site's stages and rehearsal spaces.

As a vital centre of culture for the people of Colchester, Essex and beyond, the funding is great news for those who frequent the theatre.

Gazette: Caption: Mercury Theatre Tours

Mercury Theatre's chief executive, Steve Mannix said: “Completing the move to full LED stage lighting will see a real change in our environmental impact and energy overheads, something we are committed to doing.”

“We are hugely grateful to Arts Council England for continuing to see the importance of our work and investing in our venue and audiences.”

This funding will give the Mercury the opportunity to fulfil its ambition to become one of the most sustainable regional theatres in the UK. It is currently in the top 25 per cent of sustainable public buildings.

The Capital Investment Programme supports the Arts Council’s mission to ensure communities across the country have infrastructure for everyone to express creativity.

Hazel Edwards, south east area director at Arts Council England, said: “By enhancing the infrastructure of cultural spaces across the region we are expanding access to arts, culture and creative pursuits.”

She added: “We are delighted that together, we can nurture a more vibrant and accessible cultural landscape for all.”

Darren Henley, chief executive, Arts Council England added: “This infrastructure investment will help a whole range of different cultural organisations across England to flourish, increasing opportunities for people to enjoy creatively excellent cultural events close to where they live.”