MORE than 300 people joined a peaceful protest in Colchester to demand an end to the ongoing conflict in Gaza. 

Colchester Action for Palestine (CAP) marched down the city centre's High Street on April 20 as they called for a ceasefire between Palestine and Israel.

National speakers from Stop the War, CND and Jewish Voice, as well as local organisations, spoke in Castle Park, and were joined by members of Unite Community Essex, UNISON and Colchester Trades Council. 

In a statement, a spokesman said: “We do this because the UK government is ignoring the majority of those who vote for them - who want this violence against innocent people to be stopped.  

“And it can be stopped - simply by denying arms and other logistic support, as well as by trade and other sanctions.” 

Gazette: Protest - More than 300 people joined the Colchester Action for Palestine in their peaceful march

The action group, which was formed in October 2023, calls for an immediate ceasefire, the end of arms sales to Israel and for UN negotiations to establish an independent state of Palestine. 

The spokesman added: “Every Sunday, in all weathers, we hold a vigil for Palestine at Colchester war memorial.

"As well as calling for a ceasefire families read poems, sing songs, chant, speak out and hold a two minute silence for all Palestinians and Israelis who have died. 

“Colchester Action for Palestine has held one of the world’s longest lasting vigils."