A COLCHESTER baby's incredible story of survival has been a main talking point at an international healthcare convention. 

James and Nicola Hunt, whose daughter Aurelia was born prematurely at Colchester Hospital, remotely joined the UK-India Healthcare Convention to share their positive experience with the cloud-based platform, LocANTS.

The invention links hospitals to Addenbrooke's Hospital-based medical experts who provide assistance and can prevent the need for families to be separated during difficult times.

James said: "It was a huge relief that the technology existed.

"Had it been different, it would have completely blown our family life for a couple weeks.

"It was hard enough already and it would have made it even harder."

This unique demonstration of LocANTS was the first outside an NHS setting.

The audience observed from Wembley Park as LocANTS was used by non-experts to perform a heart scan procedure, with advice from a remote cardiologist.

This demonstrated its lifesaving potential for emergency use.

Gazette: Dr Arun Dhar and Mr Ranadip Chatterjee at the UK-India Healthcare ConventionDr Arun Dhar and Mr Ranadip Chatterjee at the UK-India Healthcare Convention (Image: Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust)

The system's creators, Dr Arun Dhar and IT consultant Ranadip Chatterjee, as well as Dr Sue Broster, director of innovation at Addenbrooke's, were on hand to answer questions.

Dr Dhar said: "The event had a high-profile audience and the demonstration generated much attention from the leaders in public and private hospitals in India.

"Consultants from other NHS trusts also expressed their interest and there were discussions about how LocANTS can be used in other contexts besides new-born babies.

"These included A&E, psychiatry and acute adult medicine."