COLCHESTER has been revealed as one of the top UK cities for discovering historic treasures.

Travel expert Tim Schmidt from All Worlds has compiled a list of the locations in the UK which have revealed the most finds. 

Tim researched how many items in the British Museum's collections have been discovered in each place.

Out of 76 cities, Colchester came in third place as the city with the most treasure found, with 4,220 items discovered in the history-rich area.

Treasures include ancient Roman amulets, beads and coins, banknotes from the 1800s, and thousands of other interesting and unique items. 

One of the city's most interesting finds is the Fenwick Treasure, which consists of gold and silver jewellery, a small lidded box containing earrings, finger-rings, and other items, and a bag of mainly silver coins.

Colchester is the UK's oldest recorded town, although now a city, going back to the year 77 AD.

It began life as the settlement of a Celtic tribe, the Trinovantes, before being fought over by the Romans and eventually becoming an important port for the Romans.

The top spot for most treasures found went to Edinburgh, with 4,455 discoveries and second place went to Canterbury with 4,433 historic items.