A COLCHESTER man has donated a nebuliser to the woman who was left at her wits end when she struggled to track one down after reading about her plight in the Gazette. 

Amanda Richardson, 50, has been having difficulties in getting a nebuliser to help her with her recently diagnosed emphysema.

An investigation was launched by the East Suffolk and North Essex Trust after Mrs Richardson slammed the "disgusting way" she was treated while trying to get help at Colchester Hospital. 

The Clacton woman had a difficult ordeal with the NHS, which could not provide her with a nebuliser and originally misdiagnosed her. 

The hospital said it could not provide Mrs Richardson, from Clacton, with the equipment and directed her to get help from her GP.

However, when she asked her GP surgery she was told they do not provide nebulisers. 

Gazette: Illness - Amanda RichardsonIllness - Amanda Richardson (Image: Amanda Richardson)

After reading about it the Gazette Graham Gasson set out to get his brand-new nebulisers to Amanda.

A Gazette reporter drove Graham from Colchester to Amanda's home in Clacton so the handover could take place. 

Mr Gasson, 74, lost his wife four years ago to IPF and she used nebulisers to live much longer than she was told.

He said: "When I read the article it brought back memories of Brenda straight away.

"I knew upstairs that I had these things and I rang the paper as soon as I read the article.

"I knew it was going to do you a bit of good and I'm only too pleased to be able to help as it's brilliant and I've done my good deed for the day!

"I hope Amanda feels the immediate effects of the nebuliser as I know Brenda did."

Gazette: Generosity - Graham Gasson passing on the nebuliser to Amanda RichardsonGenerosity - Graham Gasson passing on the nebuliser to Amanda Richardson (Image: Newsquest)

Brenda was originally told she would live for just three and a half years but ended up living for double the amount. 

Amanda said: "It's amazing, I can't believe a kind-hearted man read my story and got in touch with the Gazette and has kindly donated this nebuliser when it really should've been down to the NHS.

"Graham has stepped forward and it has brought the biggest lump to my throat.

"I'm just so thankful for this man's generosity in such a difficult time for him.

"It's good to have that understanding that someone knows what I'm going through as the NHS does not."

Gazette: Kindness - Graham and Amanda with the nebuliser Kindness - Graham and Amanda with the nebuliser (Image: Newsquest)

The pair have agreed to keep in touch. 

Amanda said: "Graham has helped me so I'm more than happy to help him."