The menopause takes place when a woman’s hormone levels become lower and their periods stop.

Those aged 45 to 55 experience menopause but some might find that it begins sooner for them.

You will probably have heard about menopause and the effect it has on women but do you know how long the symptoms last? Here’s what we know.

How long do menopause symptoms last?

The NHS website explains that symptoms of menopause can last for months and even years.

With time, they can change with things like hot flushes and night sweats sometimes improving while a low mood and anxiety may start to develop.

Once your periods stop, some menopause symptoms like joint pain and vaginal dryness may carry on.

You can find out more information, including the symptoms to look out for and possible treatments for menopause via the NHS website.

What is the perimenopause?

Women can also experience perimenopause which is when they have symptoms of menopause but their periods have not stopped, explains the NHS.

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Seeking early advice can reduce the impacts of menopause

The NHS urges women to seek advice early so the “the impact perimenopause and menopause have on your health, relationships and work” could be reduced.

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Both mental and physical symptoms come with the menopause and perimenopause.

If you have any health concerns related to menopause or premenopausal symptoms, you should contact your GP.

You can also speak to a pharmacist for advice about treatments and things you can do.