CAMPAIGNERS will embark on a peaceful march through Colchester weekend as they demand a ceasefire in the ongoing conflict between Palestine and Israel. 

The Colchester Action for Palestine group, in collaboration with the PSC, will stage a demonstration in the city centre on Saturday.

The procession begins at 11.30am in Crouch Street before proceeding through High Street and concluding in Castle Park at 2pm.

The protesters are calling for an immediate ceasefire and a stop to the sale of weapons to Israel.

Organisers say prominent speakers will deliver speeches at the march, for which children in Colchester have designed posters and placards.

Over the past six months, Gaza has suffered major destruction, with more than a million people displaced and tens of thousands of people killed.

Crucial infrastructures, such as hospitals, schools, and places of worship, have also all been destroyed.

Large parts of Gaza are now uninhabitable due to a blockade causing famine and a lack of essential supplies.

Vigils are held every Sunday at the Colchester war memorial, with a two-minute silence observed for those lost in the conflict.

Protests have also occurred outside Barclays Bank in Colchester against its financial support for weapons companies arming Israel.