A SHOCKING video has captured the moment another driver has gone the wrong way around a “confusing” roundabout in Colchester.

The incident shows a driver turning right at a ‘straight only’ section of the North Station Roundabout in the city.

The video was captured by TikTok user Dills Dashcam.

Speaking to the Gazette, he said: “I was shocked and had someone in my car who was just as surprised.

“I gave them a beep to warn them, but it was late at night so was thankfully quiet.

“They seemed a bit hesitant and then put the indicator on, so I would assume they were confused probably, but if you look 5ft in the air you see the straight ahead sign.”

The TikToker has amassed millions of views and regularly shares crazy videos captured from his dashcam.

However, it is not the first time he or other drivers have witnessed a similar incident.

The Gazette reported on four previous incidents of drivers going the wrong way around the roundabout in less than a year, with them all taking place within five months.

Gazette: Confusing - North Station roundabout in ColchesterConfusing - North Station roundabout in Colchester (Image: Newsquest)

The TikToker said: “I don’t think it is confusing, people just overcomplicate it.

“It is like the Hythe roundabout, people get flustered but just follow the signs.

“If some people don’t know the area you would be on the cautious side, but you pay extra attention.

“It does feel like it is an accident waiting to happen though and one day it will go wrong because people are not paying attention or overthinking.”

Ward councillor Martin Goss has asked for a potential safety audit to be considered at the site.

Gazette: Frustrated - councillor Martin GossFrustrated - councillor Martin Goss (Image: Newsquest)

He said: "Essex Highways do need to look at the design of this junction as clearly something has gone wrong with so many drivers who simply can’t seem to navigate this correctly.

"Although perhaps some should go to Specsavers or take their test again." 

A spokesman for Essex Highways said: “Safety is our first and foremost priority in the maintenance of Essex’s road network.

“Traffic lights are essential to breaking up the high volume of traffic that can be experienced at the North Station Roundabout, especially from the adjoining train station.

“We encourage any road users concerned about signage, markings or speed limits to inform their local county councillor.

“They will then be able to raise any issues and appropriate action can be considered.

“Any missing or damaged signage can also be easily reported through our online Tell Us tool at essexhighways.org/tell-us."

  • Martin Goss is standing for election in the Mile End ward. The other candidates are Pauline Bacon (Lab), Phoebe Butcher (Con) and Amanda Kirke (Grn).