PROPOSALS to remove an unused swimming pool and replace it with a new single storey modular building have been approved by Colchester Council.

The development site is Broomgrove County Junior School in Broome Grove, Wivenhoe.

A cover letter attached to the plans said the proposed modular building would be confined within the school site and situated in the “exact location” of where the swimming pool will be removed.

In their approval, Colchester Council issued a certificate of proposed lawful use or development.

An objector to the plans described the swimming pool’s removal as a “true shame”.

They added: “There are no places within Wivenhoe where children can learn to swim (or recreationally swim).

“I object to removing the potential to make this a possibility”.

Meanwhile, a spokesman from Wivenhoe Town Council said they were “disappointed” by the news of the pool being removed prior to the decision being made.

They added: “We were supportive of the facility being upgraded and understand that funding was available.

“The pool would have provided a much needed recreational facility in Wivenhoe to support the health and wellbeing of our community.”