A NEW gym exclusively for women is set to open in Frinton this summer.

Sparkle Ladies Gym is preparing to open its doors to women only in June this year. 

The old Nat West Bank building on Connaught Avenue is being transformed into a safe exercise space. 

Sam Boys, the director of the gym, said: "I wanted to open a gym that is not only a place to get fitter, but one that has a fun atmosphere, that ladies will enjoy and feel comfortable in.

"We will have a TV on the go showing favourite retro shows like ‘Friends’ and music videos which will be very retro and very upbeat."

Gazette: Director - Sam BoysDirector - Sam Boys (Image: Samantha Boys)

The gym will be decorated in a boutique style with ornate mirrors and pictures. 

Sam continues: "We envisage that there will be one or two circuits that ladies can book a time slot on so that they are guaranteed use of the equipment. 

"There will be changing rooms and lockers, and we will ask our ladies to have a pair of pumps or trainers that they use exclusively for Sparkle, that way we can keep our carpets lovely and fresh and clean for them."

Gazette: Before - The room before the beginning of its rennovationBefore - The room before the beginning of its rennovation (Image: Sam Boys)

The gym will cater for ladies of all ages and all skill levels.

Sam said: "Ladies who want a gentle 20 minutes of exercise plus some stretching, ladies who want to lift weights to banish those dreaded bingo wings and ladies who love to train hard.

"All are welcome, and will be looked after by myself and Debs, who have had the latest gym instructor training."

Gazette: After - The room after the first part of its rennovationAfter - The room after the first part of its rennovation (Image: Sam Boys)

Sam has used many different gyms in Clacton, but last year something happened that changed her outlook on why people go to the gym.

She said: “I had been going to a male and female gym for many years, but in 2023 I fainted and broke my leg and ankle. 

"I lost some of my confidence and joined a ladies' gym to try and ease myself back into going to the gym again. 

"I found it a really positive experience, and I realised that people go to the gym for all different reasons. 

"Yes to get fit, or just to get those joints moving to protect yourself from brittle bones. 

"Sometimes it’s the social aspect, the gym is a great place to meet people and make friends and often it is for mental health."