PLANS to demolish part of an existing storeroom to create four two-bed apartments in Colchester have been withdrawn.

The proposals concerned 43- 45 London Road and had been submitted to Colchester Council in November 2023.

According to a planning statement attached to the application, the demolition would have extended to the roof and two blockwork single skin walls.

The remaining building would have had the addition of new external brickwork walls and a flat roof, creating four apartments.

The application was withdrawn on April 9.

Prior to the decision to withdraw the plans, Private Sector Housing said they had no objection to the submission as a whole.

A spokesman added the proposals would have to meet current building regulations in terms of heating, insulation, ventilation, energy efficiency, sound insulation and fire detection and protection.

Essex County Fire and Rescue Service said access to the proposed development was “satisfactory” subject to fire service access for firefighting purposes.

A Highways spokesman said the impact of the proposal was “acceptable”, as long as the council was content with the number of off-street parking facilities for both occupiers and visitors to the proposed development.

They added the proposed development would not be occupied until details of parking and bicycle storage provision sufficient for all occupants was approved in writing with the local planning authority.