A SINGER and musician who tells the story of an anti-apartheid activist will grace the stage in Colchester during a UK tour.

Anna Mudeka, who was born in Zimbabwe, is presenting her show Mama Afrika: Hope, Determination and Song at Colchester Arts Centre on May 4.

An account of the life of South African singer and anti-apartheid activist Dr Miriam Makeba, Mudeka tells the story of the woman who would go on to become Mama Africa.

The show covers Dr Makeba's rise from townships in South Africa to becoming a global star, as well as being forced into exile for her stand against apartheid.

It contains four acts covering key stages in her life.

Dr Makeba was celebrated for championing the Pan African cause and was welcomed back to South Africa in the 1990s, a few months after the release of Nelson Mandela.

Gazette: Tribute - The show covers four stages in Dr Makeba's lifeTribute - The show covers four stages in Dr Makeba's life (Image: Gideon Graylyons)

Anna said: “Dr Miriam Makeba’s empowerment and pride in the African woman inspired many generations to follow their dreams and passion including myself, her spirit still lives on through the gift of song. It’s a real honour and privilege to celebrate Mama Afrika’s voice.”

She added the show is a “deeply personal reflection” of Mama Africa’s impact and her role as a continued inspirational role model.

Anna said: “I’m proud and excited to be able to bring this show to people around Britain as we mark three decades since the official end of South African apartheid, and to inspire and educate audiences about this incredible woman.” 

Mama Afrika was first developed to mark what would have been Makeba’s 90th birthday on March 4, 2022 - she died on November 9, 2008. 

Mama Afrika has been made possible through funding from The Arts Council of England and is supported by The Miriam Makeba Foundation and Norwich Theatre.

The show’s run time is 120 minutes.