A CYCLE junction set to be completed later this month will confuse bikers and turn the city centre into “an obstacle course”, a resident has said.

Mary Felgate, 63, said the junction between Head Street and North Hill – which should be ready for cyclists and motorists by Friday, April 26 – lacks joined-up thinking.

She said: “It’s just confusing – it gives cyclists the right of way, which is fine, but one of the lanes cuts right out in front of people going down North Hill.

“It’s just a ruse to drive motorists out of the town centre.

“Colchester town centre is an obstacle course that changes every single moment – you’ve got cycle lanes going backwards and forwards and a lane that cuts in front of motorists coming down Head Street.

“Where’s the joined-up thinking?”

Gazette: Traffic – Terence Davis said the wider cycle lane is contributing to more traffic on Head StreetTraffic – Terence Davis said the wider cycle lane is contributing to more traffic on Head Street (Image: Daniel Rees, Newsquest)


Once the 3.5-metre-wide lane is finished, it will allow cyclists to travel in both directions along Head Street, which is a one-way street for motor vehicles.

But not everyone is showing the same apathy towards the new lane.

Terence Davis, 87, of St John’s estate, said: “Personally, I think it’s too wide – it’s holding up all the traffic.

“But I suppose the cycle lanes can be good in a way, because my two sons do a hell of a lot of cycling.”

Ian, a Deliveroo cyclist, is happy about the increased cycling infrastructure coming to the city, but was frustrated about how long it had taken to implement.

He said: “It will be great when it’s open, but it’s just taking so long to get to that stage.

“There’s a lot of cycling infrastructure, it’s generally in the places you want it to be, and it’s well marked up so people seem to use it a lot.

“People will get used to them – they will adapt and we will all just get on with it.”


Gazette: Positive – Bee Sawyer welcomed the new cycle lanePositive – Bee Sawyer welcomed the new cycle lane (Image: Daniel Rees, Newsquest)


Bee Sawyer, a keen cyclist, agreed.

She said: “I love it because I cycle to town.

“I don’t like the busy traffic, especially in Lexden Road.

“Drivers are just in a hurry and don’t care about cycling, so yes [I’m happy with the cycle lane], though non-cyclists probably aren’t very happy.”

Essex County Council did respond before going to print.