A FORMER retail shop-turned-leisure hub is hoping to be open seven days a week until late into the evening, new plans have revealed.

The former Debenhams site in Culver Square and Culver Street West is set to undergo a radical transformation.

The new site will include a variety of entertainment and leisure activities, including a Boom Battle Bar, mini golf, go kart track and more.

Now, a new licence bid has revealed the site is hoping to open all week, with specified day opening times also being released.

The new premises licence application has been submitted to Colchester Council.

The site is looking to be open from 10am to 11.30pm from Monday to Thursday, 10am to midnight on Friday and Saturday and 12pm to 10.30pm on Sunday.

The Debenhams site closed in May 2021 and has been vacant ever since.

Plans to transform the site were submitted by Flip Out last year.

Previous plans would have seen trampolines installed on the first floor and the second level used for go-karting.

However, developers resubmitted plans to relocate the go-karting track on the first floor, with the trampoline now moving onto the second.

Colchester Council once again gave the new plans the green light.

It is unknown when the site will be completed.