COLCHESTER Zoo has been named among the UK’s must-visit zoos, according to new research.

Outdoor Toys has analysed admission prices, reviews, search volumes and number of available species for zoos across the country to reveal which are the best.

The popular Maldon Road attraction was named among the top ten, with a total score of 5.37 out of ten.

The zoo boasts 155 different species and a review score of 4.5.

Interest in the zoo has increased over the last year, with an 818 per cent climb in search volumes.

Cotswold Wildlife Park was crowned the best zoo in the UK, scoring 8.05.

Other zoos making the list included sites in Chester, Blackpool, Dublin and more.

Colchester Zoo was also named 9th on the list of zoos with the most species and on the list of the best zoos with free parking.

The attraction revealed recently its annual passes would be increasing in price to combat rising costs.

As of March 29, adult passes have increased by £2 a year.

Passes for children and senior citizens increased by £1.50.

“We hope you will continue to support our work both here at the zoo and around the globe and thank you for your understanding,” a statement said.