A PRE-SCHOOL owner has been left "devastated" after the community hall she uses was decimated by flames - leaving the group scrambling to find a temporary base. 

Melanie Hobbs, of Burrsville Pre School, has spoken of her heartbreak after the Burrsville Public Hall, in Gorse Lane, Clacton, was destroyed after catching fire on Saturday morning.

A resident spotted the blaze at the site at about 1.12am before two crews from Clacton and Weeley fire stations worked together to tackle the blaze.

The fire was extinguished by 2.30am but the building's decking has been left badly damaged and the hall itself has also been extremely damaged by the flames.

Gazette: Burnt - the hall's outside decking area after the fireBurnt - the hall's outside decking area after the fire (Image: Melanie Hobbs)

Burrsville Pre School, a ‘good’ rated nursery, which has been in operation since 1976, has now been left desperately needing to find a new home. 

Melanie said: “We're devastated, the hall has been a pre-school for 46 years, and also used by the community for just as long and now it is inhabitable.

“We're so upset especially for our lovely children and families who have to suffer this terrible loss.

“We now have to look for temporary accommodation until the hall can be restored, which could take months.

Gazette: Awful - another look at the hallAwful - another look at the hall (Image: Melanie Hobbs)

“We are astounded by all the kind messages of help and support, also a GoFundMe Page has been set up.

“We would like to thank everyone after this awful tragedy.”

Burrsville ward councillor Chris Amos has offered his deepest sympathies to all those impacted by the fire.

He said: "The news of the fire is devastating for the community - especially for the children's nursery.

"Having been there since 1951 it has become a hub for the people of Burrsville and Clacton hosting many events."

Gazette: Wanting to help - Councillor Chris AmosWanting to help - Councillor Chris Amos (Image: Public)

Fellow Burrsville ward councillor Mick Skeels Jr says he is pleased no one was harmed and has said he is willing to help the recovery of the hall anyway he can.

Mr Skeels said: “It was lucky the fire department was alerted so quickly but the damage will shut the hall for quite some time.

"Hopefully they are fully insured and the work to sort out the damage will get underway.

"Thankfully, no one was hurt, and I will help in any way I can."

To donate to the pre-school GoFundMe Page, head to tinyurl.com/2drxf23w.