A Review of 'The Secret History' by Donna Tart

Does the viral tik-tok sensation live up to the hype?

Right from the opening, Tart's 'The Secret History' dives into the intricate and mysterious world of Richard Papen's college life. Between Tart's vivid and detailed descriptions and relatable characters, the deceptively long book- Penguin's Edition is just over 600 pages- is a highly enthralling experience and most definitely worth a read.

The plot describes the unique American college experience of classics student Richard Papen as he transfers to a new college in Vermont. Soon, Papen befriends his fellow classics students: a small and reclusive group of academic students whose eccentric tendencies flow from the pages. From meeting this group, Papen is spun into a marvellous world of history and glamour; until things go wrong.

The body of their friend, Bunny Corcoron shows up in the melting snow at the foot of a mountain.

Tart's  'The Secret History' is the perfect cocktail of suspense and dark romance, seething with undertones of dark academia.

Discussing the text with keen reader, Luke Stephens, we found a shared fascination with Tart's powerful creation. The text, as described by Stephens is 'packed full of drama and excitement.'

Each page of the text seems to flow from the next due to Tart's flawless combination of intricate characters, imaginative plot events and a beautifully described setting, so vivid -in fact- that it is easy to get lost within it.

A must read for anybody with a love of academia and deceit.