A CELEBRATED establishment within the town, Henley’s of Wivenhoe offers hearty portions of well-priced, fresh fish.

The business located in Vine Drive is known to be a hot spot for residents of the town at any point of the day.

It certainly seemed to be the case when I parked up and arrived at the eatery just shy of 1pm on a sunny Thursday afternoon, as locals milled in and out of the fish and chip shop.

It’s easy to see why the business has received its positive reputation, it has been a staple of the community for around 22 years and has won numerous awards along the way.

Gazette: Fish and chips shop - the behind the counter area at Henley'sFish and chips shop - the behind the counter area at Henley's (Image: Newsquest)

After being greeted by the polite gentlemen at the counter, I gazed at the extensive menu, pondering on what to get, as they serve fish, fresh salad, ribs, chicken burgers, kebabs, sausages, and pie.

Feeling ravenous, I asked for one of the most popular options on the menu, a regular cod, and chips.

I was impressed by the store having a fresh fish counter on display, it’s not something I’ve personally seen in many fish and chip shops.


Gazette: Recognition - some of the certificates on displayRecognition - some of the certificates on display (Image: Newsquest)

Gazette: Fresh - the fish counterFresh - the fish counter (Image: Newsquest)

If you’re a fan of fish, there is a variety to pick from such as plaice, haddock, skate, rock eel, and Hake.

Whilst I was waiting for my food to be prepared, I looked around the space and everywhere you look you can see a variety of awards, certificates, and achievements on display.

It was hard to ignore the large sign for a previous national chip week event where Henley’s achieved a Guinness World Record.

It was specifically for fastest time to prepare, cook and serve a portion of chips at 3 minutes and 42 seconds.

Gazette: Tasty - my cod and chips mealTasty - my cod and chips meal (Image: Newsquest)

Even with all the accolades, I wondered if the food truly was up to the mark and after receiving the large portion which felt more than a regular, I think it truly does.

The chips were soft and fluffy, and the cod was massive, so large in fact I questioned if it was really a regular size.

For £11.90 in total, it was extremely good value, and I can see why so many Wivenhoe residents regularly visit Henley’s.