A SPEEDING driver who accumulated 12 points on her driving licence has been ordered to pay hundreds of pounds in costs… but will not serve a driving ban.

Melanie Redford, of Pantile Farm, Abberton, was driving her Vauxhall on the A414 when she drove 43mph in a 30mph zone.

The offence took place at 2.13am on Sunday, November 6, 2022, and Redford was found guilty of the offence in July last year.

Earlier this month, magistrates endorsed her driving licence with three points. This would normally result in what is known as a totting disqualification because Redford had accumulated 12 penalty points.

But magistrates decided against handing Redford a driving ban due to mitigating circumstances.

It was argued a driving ban would cause Redford, 49, exceptional hardship because it would cause her to lose her job.

The loss of employment would also impact her ability to pay rent, the court heard.

It was also argued a driving ban would affect Redford’s mental health and her mother’s mental health because she would be unable to look after her.

Officials at Colchester Magistrates’ Court instead ordered Radford to pay a £238 fine, a £95 surcharge, and costs of £110.