A DRIVER who was twice the alcohol limit and deliberately ran over a pedestrian “used his car as a weapon” a judge has said.

Kalebh Shreeve had been involved in an argument with Amy Huggins in Clacton when he drove his Ford Focus along the pavement to run her over, Chelmsford Crown Court heard.

The incident, which was witnessed by neighbours in Alton Park Road last November, left Miss Huggins with a broken foot.

The court heard how a member of the public went to tend to Miss Huggins, who shouted: “He’s just run me over.”

Gazette: Treatment – Shreeve left his victim on the pavement before he drove to Colchester Hospital Treatment – Shreeve left his victim on the pavement before he drove to Colchester Hospital (Image: Newsquest)

Shreeve, who was serving a driving disqualification at the time, had by then driven off and later went to Colchester Hospital to receive treatment for a bite mark on nose and hand.

A breathalyzer test showed Shreeve had 64mg of alcohol in 100ml of breath, over the limit of 35mg per 100ml.

Shreeve, 31, then refused a blood test at Colchester Hospital when requested by a police officer.

The defendant admitted one charge of causing injury by careless driving, and appeared in court for sentencing where the defence said he was “extremely remorseful”.

Judge Loram KC was unconvinced, however, and asked: “Or is he just quite sad because where he is now?

“It’s difficult to think of a more serious example of careless driving.”

Judge Loram KC was also unimpressed that the Crown Prosecution Service had accepted a plea of causing serious injury from careless driving, instead of causing serious injury from dangerous driving.

She continued: “I question why the Crown accepted this plea – ‘surprising’ is the most diplomatically way I can put it."

The defence argued a prison sentence would mean Shreeve, of Gibson Road, Sible Hedingham, would lose his job as a picker and packager in Braintree.

Gazette: Sentenced – Shreeve was ordered to serve a suspended jail sentenceSentenced – Shreeve was ordered to serve a suspended jail sentence (Image: Daniel Rees, Newsquest)

Judge Loram KC sentenced Shreeve to a nine-month jail term, suspended for two years, and disqualified him from driving, and fined him £400.

She said: “The Crown, for reasons that are utterly lost on me have accepted a lesser charge – he was using his car as a weapon.

“I cannot sentence him on the basis that he used the car as a weapon because of what the prosecution have done.”