COLCHESTER’S main leisure facility will offset heavy losses being made by Colchester Sports Park, figures predict.

Leisure World in Cowdray Avenue suffered a dramatic fall in revenue during the Covid-19 pandemic when it posted deficits of £2.8million in one year.

Colchester Sports Park, meanwhile, has lost £1.3million since opening in 2021.

But the profits expected to be made by Leisure World this year will ease the financial pressure on the council’s leisure facilities, the council believes. 

Figures show the facility will post profits of £339,900 in the 2023-24 financial year following three years of consecutive losses.

The vast majority of that income has come from regular users of the facility, though an extra £544,000 in grants and reimbursements have also kept the Leisure World out of the red.

Despite the profits expected to be made by Leisure World and tennis centre this year, the deficits expected to be incurred by Leisure World Highwoods, Leisure World Tiptree, and Colchester Sports Park will mean Colchester’s leisure facilities will post an overall loss.

Having made a loss of £4,795 in 2022-23, Leisure World Highwoods is expected to post losses £34,300 by the end of this financial year, with employee costs soaring from £60,381 to £79,200.

Leisure World Tiptree has also seen a sharp increase in losses – after posting deficits of £20,642 in 2022-23, it is expected to lose £55,700 this year.

Combined, Colchester Council’s leisure facilities are expected to lose a total of £275,000 by the end of the current financial year.