“The Show Live on Tour” began on 20th February of this year in Belfast, followed by several shows- eventually leading to the show in London at Wembley Arena.

Niall Horan, former member of One Direction– played at a sold out show at Wembley arena, with a capacity of 60,000 people on the 1st of March. This tour followed his latest album “The Show” which was released on June 9th, 2023.

The opening band was Tommy Lefroy; they had a great stage presence and livened up the crowd as they performed a great range of songs. Niall himself came onto stage at around 8pm: within the fans- “The Chain” by Fleetwood Mac had famously become associated as being the song that plays before Niall’s arrival- all the fans were excited and full of anticipation once the song started playing.

The songs he played ranged from his new album to his very first album, he performed fan favourites like “Still” and “Black and White”, another cherished song he played was a cover of a One Direction song - “Stockholm Syndrome” which had One Direction fans present at the show overjoyed.

The show had a spectacular set list which I immensely enjoyed, but without a doubt my favourite part of the night was when Niall brought out Shawn Mendes as his special guest! The pair have been friends for a long while, Niall introduced him as his “little big brother” and none of the fans were expecting his to happen leaving everyone shocked, especially as this was Shawn's first stage appearance for a long period. They both performed one of Shawn’s most popular songs – “Treat you better”. The duos performance was strong and synchronised performance.

The fans were also involved in a fan project to show appreciation for Niall where they handed out a great number of paper hearts in the colours of green, white, and orange to correspond to an Irish flag to appreciate and acknowledge Niall’s heritage and they were held up during the song “The Show”.

Niall’s charm and strong ability to connect with his audience made the show so enjoyable along with the mind-blowing songs and a very pleasing surprise guest! In my experience, it was worth every penny to go and create wonderful memories.