The event that every student waits in anticipation for - ‘Unplugged.’ The musical showcase that takes place roughly every term, presenting six acts from a variety of music genres. From rhythm and blues to pop to gospel, this event provides something that will appeal to everyone’s personal music taste.

Being able to watch those students perform and seeing how comfortable they felt doing do it, potentially getting out of their comfort zone, was really inspiring, as it showed just how important a community in college is. It allows you to have the confidence to do things that you might’ve not thought you would ever do, whilst also showing others how easy it can be to achieve things when you’re being supported by the people around you. (Sophie Newton, 16)

At the beginning of school term, year one students were welcomed with open arms, their arrival marked with ‘Unplugged’ on the Concourse. This immediately provided us with a sense of belonging at the college, introducing us to the community that we would be a part of for the next two years. 

On the 22nd of March, however, this event had a resurgence. Six acts were presented to us from five singers, one of whom was our own college chairperson Chinedum.

We were enticed by songs such as Lauryn Hill’s ‘Ex-Factor’ sang by Chinedum, Abigail Bessel singing ‘Back to Black’ and ‘Bohemian Rhapsody,’ Cydney Chung’s ‘Dancing Queen’ and ‘Super Graphic Ultra Modern Girl,’ in addition to Benson’s performances consisting of Daniel Caesar’s ‘Best Part’ and worship medleys. 

‘Unplugged’ has become a fundamental part of our college experience at The Sixth Form College of Colchester, becoming a source of relaxation and a reminder of the community that we have built. Especially, with mocks and exams round the corner, this event has reminded us that although our main purpose at college is to have an education, we must also ensure that we balance study and leisure in order to make the most of our time here.