Dune part2 . The sequel to the 2021 dune movie and adaptation of the 1965 novel by Frank Herbert Dune has became one of the most watched movie of this year after its release in February 2024 .

Staring Timothee Chalamet who plays main character , Paul Atreides ,following his journey in gradually becoming leader of the Fremen tribe while facing a love affair with Chani, who is played by Zendaya . We meet Austin Butlers evil ,Feyd-Rautha, nephew and heir of Baron Vladimir who is as cunning as his uncle .

Timothee successfully creates Paul’s ability to be good and heroic while also choosing to lead a holy war and taking advantage of his prophecy . Is Paul really a good person? Is he the Lisan al-Gaib? We are made to question Paul and his actions .

The sci-fi movie is action filled and is incredibly well-acted. We see Paul unite with Chani and the fremen in his journey to seek revenge for his family .Given a complicated choice between love and fate what will he choose in order to prevent a terrible future ?

Rated 12A the movie contains : strong violence ,suggestive material and strong language .