The Besom, a small charity, is a mighty force for good in a bustling city like Cambridge. It is built on fundamental Christian values, which greatly impacts how they operate. With the small tight-knit familial bonds between the team and dedicated volunteers, known affectionately as "time givers”, this charity embodies the spirit of love in action. The Besom operates as a bridge between the generous hearts of the community and those in need.


The organisation operates in conjunction with support workers, who reach out to the Besom on behalf of individuals in need across the city. Their email gets through to one of the core team, who then initiates discussions about their client’s specific needs. These needs may be met through existing donations, or through asking God to provide what those individuals desperately need. The Besom enables Christians across the city to provide the  items  that go into their kitchen starter packs andbedding packs, as well as individual pieces of furniture and white goods that people need.


Prayer and their dependence on God is the foundation of The Besom's work, underpinning every aspect of their service. Everything they do is wrapped in prayers, whether that is when they are doing deliveries, seeking specific items, and much more, helping to keep their focus on divine provision. Alongside prayer, the charity upholds values of respect and non-judgment, recognizing the dignity of each individual they serve and those they work together with. The importance of safeguarding all parties involved is paramount. Partnering with support workers ensures a reliable connection to those in need, while team-based operations ensure no one is ever alone in potentially vulnerable situations, making it very safe. 


Beyond materialistic wants and needs, if asked for by the person, they strive to help them cultivate a lasting support network through facilitating contact with local churches. They believe that seeing the church express love in action will help bring to light the transformative power of faith and the true meaning of the gospel.


To confidently stride into the future, this charity’s goals include ensuring that people know God loves them in practical ways. They would also like to see more churches partnering with Besoms throughout the country, and more people starting Besoms across the U.K..


Reflecting on their most fulfilling experiences, Alison mentioned a situation when she was able to talk to and help a woman who had fled domestic violence. Alison felt it was a gift to be involved with helping her. One experience Felix mentioned was when he was on the phone with a man who he was able to talk to and pray with him, as he shared his journey through faith.


In a world often fraught with despair, their message is one of hope: that God loves you and his name is Jesus, and that there is hope, even in what you might think is a hopeless world.


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